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What Can You Do During Medicare AEP?

As you might already know, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period will begin on October 15. But what should you do during Medicare AEP? Perhaps more importantly, what can’t you do?…

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6 Things Your Medicare Website Absolutely Must Have

More and more seniors are spending time online, and they frequently are looking for Medicare information.  When constructed correctly, your website can help you provide that information, gradually nurture visitors,…

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Understanding the Limitations of Medicare Coverage

Most of us expect that when we turn 65, we will enroll in Medicare and the program will then provide for our healthcare needs. And while that might be true…

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5 Things Agents Should Know About Medicare Beneficiaries

For those who work in sales, knowing your demographic is everything. If you specialize in Medicare plans, learning up-to-date facts about the over-65 crowd can help you find success. Here’s…

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