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Is Medicare Advantage a Good Fit for You?

Since Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is happening now (through March 31) you might be wondering if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you. If you chose a Medicare Advantage…

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Do I Enroll in Medicare if I Already Have Health Insurance?

You probably know that at age 65, you become eligible to enroll in Medicare. But what you might not know is that you’re actually required to do so. If you…

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Life Events That May Require You to Reevaluate Your Health Insurance Options

Your health insurance plan will work best when it matches your family’s needs. But needs sometimes change over time, and even abruptly on occasion. So what do you do when…

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Medicare Initial Enrollment: What You Need to Know When You Turn 65

If you’re turning 65 this year, you will face some important decisions. Are you ready to retire? Are you planning to claim your Social Security benefits yet? And what about…

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