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Agents: Keep These Things in Mind When Working With Seniors

When selling Medicare plans, you’re obviously marketing exclusively to seniors. And there are a few common misconceptions and mistakes you want to avoid with this target demographic. First of all,…

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Medicare Beneficiaries: Understand Your Mental Health Coverage

Mental health care is important at any age, and even those who have never suffered mental health complications can develop certain symptoms in retirement. In particular, seniors can be prone…

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The Benefit Your Employees Need Now More Than Ever

As an employer, you know that motivated, productive, and happy employees are the backbone of your business. That’s one of the reasons a healthcare plan is so important. But there’s…

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Special Situations Call for Special Needs Plans

We all hope to live long and healthy lives, well into our retirement years. But sometimes life has other plans for us. In the event that you’re diagnosed with a…

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